Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme

The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) is a second chance education and training programme, which provides courses of up to two years duration for unemployed people.

To be eligible you must be over 21 years of age, unemployed, and at least six months in receipt of specific social welfare payments.

Courses can be provided free of charge, and meal and travel allowances are available. Courses are full-time and can last up to two years, with 30 hours' attendance per week.

Participants on VTOS can pursue courses covering a wide range of subjects and activities. Certification is available at a range of levels, including Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate, and the Foundation, Level 1 and Level 2 certificates of the National Council for Vocational Awards (NCVA).

People aged 21 and over and in receipt of Unemployment Benefit/ Assistance, One Parents Family Payment, Disability Allowance, Disability Benefit, Invalidity Pension for at least six months prior to joining the programme are eligible for VTOS. Those signing for credits who satisfy these conditions, and dependent spouses of eligible persons may also avail of the programme.

If you are on Unemployment Assistance or Unemployment Benefit you will receive a payment from the KWETB in lieu of your welfare payment, equivalent to the maximum rate of unemployment benefit. In the remaining cases, if you're attending full time you will retain your welfare payment. There is a bonus payment if you have been in receipt of an eligible social welfare payment for at least one year directly prior to starting VTOS. Childcare support is also available.

See Bray Adult Education Centre entry for information on VTOS courses provided in Bray.

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