About QQI Awards

QQI Levels 1 to 6 are awards under the National Framework of Qualifications.

QQI awards are available at community learning centres, schools and colleges and some workplaces. To achieve a QQI Certificate at any level learners must complete a number of modules. These can be mixed and matched between the levels, and existing awards that a learner may have are also counted.

Level 1 & 2
These are new certified QQI levels for those returning to the education system or may be engaging with learning for the first time. Courses at this level are about basic skills and confidence building. This is also a good starting point for people wishing to progress to Junior Certificate or Level 3 QQI.

Level 3
Level 3 QQI courses require learners to have basic skills in reading, writing, maths and communications. Some examples of courses at this level included basic computers, communications, and office procedures. This level is likened to the junior certificate or group certificate.

Level 4
QQI courses at this level require learners to have a reasonable level of skills in reading, writing and maths. Level 4 courses also develop and expand on skills gained at level 3, and are an excellent preparation for undertaking the leaving certificate, level 5 QQI or an apprenticeship. This is also a requirement for entry to many forms of employment.

Level 5
A level 5 award is the equivalent of the Leaving Certificate and is an excellent
preparation and link into Third Level study, and entry into a wide range of
occupations. Courses at this level include childcare, office work, health care.

Level 6
Courses at this level are provided by Further Education Centres and linked to
Institutes of Technology and Universities. After two years study at this level
learners are awarded a Higher Certificate or Full apprenticeship.

Level 7
Courses at this level are provided in IT's and Universities and learners are
awarded an ordinary degree in their chosen field such as business, social care etc.

Level 8
Courses at this level are Honours level degrees in chosen fields offered in a
variety of colleges and Universities such as teaching, nursing.

Level 9 and 10
Courses at this level are masters degree and doctoral degree programmes offered in Universities and Higher Education Institutes.

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