Home School Community Liaison, Bray

Services Provided

The Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) scheme is one of the initiatives used by schools to involve parents in partnership with schools. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance pupils' learning opportunities and to promote their retention in the education system. A fully qualified teacher is released from teaching duties and engages in full-time liaison work between the home, the school, and the community. Home visitation, courses and classes based on the development of the parent as a person and as an educator are central to the work of coordinators. These classes can be grouped into:

  • Leisure activities: e.g. Zumba classes, Operation Transformation, Water Aerobics, Sewing Classes etc.
  • Curricular activities: Parental Involvement Programme (PIP- monthly workshops with parents of Junior Infants), ESOL classes (English classes for parents with English as a second language)
  • Personal development courses take place, including parenting, leadership skills development etc.


List of schools where the service is provided

St. Kilian's CS - Siobhan Garvey 01-2828126

St. Fergals NS - Frankie Brady 085-7557542

St. Philomenas NS - Mary Collins 01-2860498

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