About the Bray Adult Education Network

Each year, large numbers of adults in the Bray area access basic and further education opportunities. This has led to an increase in the options available for adult learners and is a testament to people's interest in life long learning.
"The adult education sector has a major contribution to make to meeting the skill requirements of a rapidly changing workforce, and to the dominant national concerns of social cohesion and equity in the emergence of a broadly inclusive and pro-active civil society" The White paper on Adult Education (2000.26)- 'Learning for Life'.
The Bray Adult Education Network was founded in 2002 and network members represent the various education and information providers both in the community and in the formal education sector. With the increase in options available an information constantly evolving and changing, the network felt it was time for a revised edition of the comprehensive information handbook, in order to continue to provide adult learners with up to date and relevant information. Returning to education or entering further/higher education for the first time can be a daunting experience and accessing advice and information can be a critical factor in making this journey less overwhelming.
This website provides alot of information for adults thinking about returning to learning in Bray. It provides a brief overview of the qualifications system. It also details information providers in Bray, the supports available, such as childcare and finance, and a comprehensive list of adult education providers in the Bray area.
This website will serve as a guide in the right direction for those who wish to access educational opportunities.
Bray has a flourishing and continually expanding adult education sector and this website is just one of the many ways that the Bray Adult Education Network supports people to access educational opportunities.
The Network meets regularly to ensure greater integration and cross collaboration across numerous agencies and organisations, and the providers mentioned in this handbook are all committed to equality of access and participation in education and training and aim to provide services to people from all sections of the community.
Adults engage in learning for a variety of reasons, personal development, employment, supporting their children in education, but whatever the reason, in providing this handbook we seek to ensure- 'equality of access, participation and outcome for participants in adult education , with proactive strategies to counteract barriers arising from differences of socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity and disability' (Learning for Life, 2000:13).
We hope this website will be useful to all adult learners both now and in the future!
Olwen Dixon
Bray Adult Education Network
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