Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)


Single Student Grant Scheme/ New Grant Awarding Authority


The new single grant-awarding authority is Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). It will handle all new grant applications for 2012-2013 through


The Student Support Act 2011 became law last year and this legislation allows for fundamental reform of the student grants system. In practice, what this means is that, instead of four student grant schemes there is now only one and a single grant awarding authority is being established to replace the existing 66 grant awarding bodies (local authorities and VECs) for all new applications from 2012/13. These developments will make it far easier for students applying for grants.


The single student grant scheme took effect for the 2011/12 academic year and the new grant awarding authority will commence operation for the 2012/13 academic year.  The latter will be of particular importance for all new students applying for a grant this year.


The new authority will commence operation for all new grant applicants for the 2012/13 academic year and implementation arrangements are well advanced for this purpose. It is intended that all new grant applications will be made online.


The existing 66 grant awarding bodies (VEC's and County Councils) will continue to deal with the renewal of applications for their existing grant-holders for the duration of their current courses.


On-line Student Grant Application

The on-line Student Grant Application form can be accessed though the website.  It is envisaged that access to the online application facility for 2012/13 student grants will be available in May 2012. The closing date is the end of August each year, but you should apply as soon as possible once the 2012-2013 applications are open.


Students should not attempt to use the 2011/12 application form currently posted on the  website as this will only cause confusion and delays.


The website is being updated at the moment to provide students and their parents with current information on the financial assistance available to students.  Students should also access the websites of the colleges they will be attending for information on student services including the services provided by the access officers.


Publication of the Student Support Regulations 2012 and the Student Grant Scheme 2012

The student support regulations and the student grant scheme for the 2012/13 academic year is currently being formulated and it will be published as soon as it has been finalised (envisaged to be May 2012).


Eligibility for a grant

To be eligible for a student grant, you must be entering an approved full-time course in an approved institution and meet the residency and nationality or immigration status requirements as set out in the Student Support Act 2011 and the Student Support Regulations 2012 together with the eligibility conditions as set out in the Student Grant Scheme 2012 which will include academic progression and means.


Applying for a grant

It is very important to note that students do not have to wait for an offer of a college place to apply for a grant.  In fact, if students wait to apply for a grant until after they have received a CAO offer, it is likely that grant approval and payment will be delayed.


Students should only submit one application (i.e. if you intend to do either a PLC course or a third level course, do not submit separate applications).  Submit one application and when you have accepted your place on an approved course you can submit a Course Acceptance Form.


Documentary evidence

Students will need to provide documentary evidence in support of the information they provide on their student grant application (details will be provided in the 2012 scheme).


Student grant rates for the 2012 financial year


  Non-Adjacent Rate Adjacent Rate

Special rate

€5,915 €2,375

Full Maintenance

€3,025 €1,215
Part Maintenance (75%) €2,270 €910
Part Maintenance (50%) €1,515 €605
Part Maintenance (25%) €755 €305


Student contribution

The student contribution for the 2012/13 academic year is €2,250. All undergraduate students covered by the free fees scheme who are eligible for means-tested student support will have the student contribution paid on their behalf in addition to receiving any maintenance grant and tuition fee grant to which they are entitled.


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